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Fountain needs new filter

March 25, 1997

By Lori Lenarduzzi

Lariat Reporter

Water, water, nowhere. Recently, students may have noticed that there is not any water left in the fountain.

Neil Rhoden, one of the managers of general services for the University physical plant, said that the filter in the fountain needs to be replaced. The fountain is still able to run but there is not way for the water to be recycled.

'Given the approval of administration, we will have the fountain working again very soon,' Rhoden said.

Students can frequently be seen spending their spare time by Fountain Mall.

Lauren Sullivan, a Monroe, La., sophomore said she enjoys sitting by the fountain because it is peaceful and gives her a change of scenery from her classes.

'I like to sit by the water and relax when there isn't a lot of activity going on around the fountain,' Sullivan said.

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