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Student finds razor on pasta, Penland manager denies fault

March 25, 1997

Kevin Johnson / The Baylor Lariat

A Penland Dining Hall manager points at the tiny razor blade that a student discovered on top of pasta during lunch on Monday.

By Martha Roberts

Lariat Reporter

A student found what appeared to be an Exacto knife blade on top of her food at Penland Cafeteria during lunch Monday.

Penland production manager James Wharton said that the student, who did not give her name, brought the small, three-quarter-inch blade to him and reported that she found it lying on top of her pasta with alfredo sauce. Wharton said no blade that size is used in any way in the cafeteria, and the staff, when questioned, knew nothing about the blade.

Wharton also said that Penland cooks prepared the sauce in the back kitchen using only a French whip, and that a cafeteria worker served it to students.

'The blade was not cooked into the pasta,' Wharton said. 'It was clean, and it would have been tarnished [if cooked].'

Since Penland serves its pasta and sauces from behind a plastic shield, there was no way for a student to slip the blade into the main sauce containers from outside. The most likely scenario would have been for someone to place the blade on top of the dish while the student was not looking.

'If it was a joke, it was not a very funny joke,' Wharton said. 'That could be a very serious joke.'

Wharton said the incident had not been reported to police, but that it was being taken very seriously.

Penland food service director Ty Sykes was unavailable for comment.

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