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Circus pitches tent at Ferrell Center

March 21, 1997

Soaring through a ring of fire, a Carson and Barnes circus tiger takes center stage. The Carson and Barnes circus will be at the Ferrell Center parking lot April 8 to April 10.

By Lisa Zapata

Lariat Staff Writer

Lions and tigers and bears... Oh my!

Remember hearing that the circus was coming to town as a young child? You thought the day would never arrive when you would get to see all the wild animals and the man who could swallow fire.

Well, those days are over now, and you are a dignified college student. So why is it that the idea of a circus still sends a surge of excitement through the air?

The University marketing department and student chapter of the American Marketing Association will sponsor the world's largest tented circus, Carson and Barnes, in the back of the Ferrell Center parking lot April 8 through April 10.

The tent, which is 396 feet by 146 feet, is larger than a football field, according to a press release by Dr. Jerry Johnson, chairman of the University's marketing department.

'The entire show requires space as large as three football fields for complete set-up,' Johnson wrote in the press release.

The circus needs 88 vehicles to transport the circus from place to place, and the show is the only five-ring circus on tour and host to more than 20 elephants, domestic and exotic animals and over 100 human performers.

The acts range from acrobatics, contortionism, trapeze performances to the wheel of death The circus includes people from the United States, Mexico, China, Argentina, Peru, Italy and other countries worldwide.

Carson and Barnes is inviting the public to watch the arrival and construction of the circus at the Ferrell Center on April 8.

Show times for all three days are 4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Tickets go on sale Monday at the Ferrell Center box office and the Bill Daniel Student Center ticket office. The cost of the tickets are $8 for adults and $4 for children.

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