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24-hour study hall proposed

March 21, 1997

By Jenni Luker

Lariat Reporter

Student Congress passed a bill to establish a 24-hour study hall on campus at Thursday's meeting.

The bill proposes that the administration make the foyer, classroom, and computer lab of Moody Memorial Library available on a 24-hour basis.

The bill also urges the administration to re-furnish the foyer to make it more comfortable for studying.

This is the fourth year that Student Congress has passed such a bill. The administration has denied the proposal in all previous years.

'We need to pass this bill and then see what else we can do to persuade the administration that this is a valid student need,' said off-campus representative, Lin Wayner, a New York senior.

The bill was unanimously approved and a Student Congress committee will meet with the administration to discuss it on Monday.

'We know that this bill suggests the most cost-effective way to establish a 24-hour study hall on campus,' said senior class representative, Chris Loeffler, a Houston senior.

In other action, Student Congress unanimously passed a bill to reform the format of the University's on-campus radio station, KWBU.

The bill proposes that KWBU adopt a format geared toward students and train students to be disc jockeys by hiring a full-time station manager.

According to the Student Life Survey conducted by Student Congress in February, only 40 percent of the student body listens to KWBU.

As of now the station is run by telecommunication students from 4 p.m . to 1 a.m. and tapes of classical and jazz music are played during the hours of 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

'The way the station is run now, it's inadequate for anyone.' said Brooks Grigson a Springfield, Va., graduate student in telecommunications, 'There is no DJ, no training, and no practical experience.'

Grigson also said that the station would like to change to a college alternative rock and contemporary Christian format.

'There is no other station in town with this format which make the station much more marketable for business,' said Grigson.

'This bill will allow the University to explore their options in finding the best reform for KWBU,' said Christy Rome, author of the bill and a Stafford sophomore.

In addition, Student Congress allocated $1,504 to the Student Involvement Board to enable them to create a student organization guide.

The guide will contain information about every organization on campus including a description of the organization, any financial responsibilities and qualifications .

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