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March 21, 1997

'Squirmy worms,' First Amendment

This is in response to Tracy Jamison's view of those who live a sheltered life and do not agree with the view of Marilyn Manson.

In her letter, she goes on about the freedom of speech in the the First Amendment and the closed-minded attitude of the students here.

Is it her opinion then that the right to distribute this advisory did not fall under the First Amendment?

It seems to me that her closed-mindedness has led her to believe that anyone who does not support Marilyn Manson leads a sheltered, closed-minded life who does not support the First Amendment?

Ms. Jamison, have you ever been to a Marilyn Manson concert? With gross acts on stage and images of the antichrist flashing, you really think that this is a show of the First Amendment?

It's also funny that you would refer to those who oppose this antichrist as 'squirmy worms,' instead of those who would support his right to release bodily functions on the stage.

Who here is the 'squirmy worm?'

Henry Chang

Computer Science '00

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