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Students organize Sing Alliance group

March 21, 1997

By A. Latham Staples

Lariat Reporter

Before this week, only Greeks and University club members could participate in 'All- University Sing'. However, all is about to change.

Sing Alliance, an organization created to allow all students and organizations to have the opportunity to participate in Sing, will hold an interest meeting 8:30 p.m. Monday in the Claypool room of the Bill Daniel Student Center.

Jeromy Barber, the founder of Sing Alliance and a Pasadena, Calif., senior, created Sing Alliance after experiencing frustrations with Sing in the past.

'I was sing chair last year for Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia and loved it,' Barber said. 'This year as president, I watched our group struggle with Sing. There were only 18 of us and it was too much of a struggle; therefore, in December we had to drop out of Sing.'

Unlike the fraternities and sororities which build all their materials, including backdrops, props, costumes and sets in January, Barber said Sing Alliance members will 'do all of the building in the Fall of 1997.'

'We wish not to stress out the members by building all materials in January,' Barber said. 'Hopefully, this will allow us to focus on rehearsal in January and February.'

Daniel Eady, who oversees Sing and coordinates special performances, is excited about Sing Alliance.

'Sing is open to all,' Eady said. 'That is why we call it 'All-University' Sing. [Barber] will just have to be aggressive and make sure that he meets all the deadlines, such as the group's theme having to be turned in by Thanksgiving.'

Since assuming his position in the Student Activities office, Eady said he envisioned more student involvement.

'I was tremendously excited to see the Zeta Phi Beta's participate in Sing,' Eady said. 'I hope that we can see more of this in the future.'

Membership is limited to the first 70 people who pay the initial payment of $50.

'If Sing Alliance becomes a huge success and 300 people are ready to give their time though, then perhaps we will split up and have four or five different Sing acts,' Barber said.

'The process of making a Sing act is one that builds work ethic,' he said. 'It also fosters new friendships and creates an outlet for performance. Every student at Baylor should have this kind of opportunity, and with Sing Alliance they do.'

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