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March 20, 1997

Baylor DPS can help students little

In my earlier letter concerning the Baylor Department of Public Safety I mentioned many aspects of their organization that I found flawed. Apparently Fairbanks did not read the whole letter, for if he had he would have seen that it was not all about tickets.

The Baylor Police's concern for the safety of Baylor students was not in question, it was their ability to do anything about it. It was mentioned that any emergency situation or actual crime that is committed is ultimately handled by the Waco Police, not the Baylor Police.

Now, this does exclude parking and moving violations that are undisputably the sole domain of the Baylor Police, but my previous letter was not singularly about those. It was also concerned with things that would have taken a bit more in-depth discussion to address, like auto burglary.

I know several people who have had stereos, radar detectors and the like stolen from their cars, and the Baylor Police did nothing about it, they left it up to the Waco police. There are a multitude of situations like this, and it is always the Waco police that deals with it.

Whether Fairbanks would like to admit it or not, the Waco police is who Baylor students depend on for their safety and protection, not the Baylor Police.

It seems that the only thing that they protect us from is ourselves, and frankly I don't need any more than two parents...especially ones that I'm forced to pay for.

Christopher Fisher

Marketing '99

Respect important, 'PC' too far

I am writing in response to your article on politically correct language in the March 19th edition of the Lariat. While I feel that it is necessary for people to be respectful of others at all times, politically correct language has gone too far. I never get upset when someone calls me white or happens to make fun of something a group of white people did in the past. I never ask people to refer to me as a 'Euro-American.' I believe that racial divisions cause more harm than good. Couldn't we have a more unified and peaceful society if we stopped segregating ourselves? Why can't we just be people? When I look at another person I do not first think of their race and the politically correct term to refer to that race. I see another human being equal to myself.

Steven J. Franklin

Business Administration/

Environmental Studies '98

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