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Capt.Billy Whizzbang+s

March 20, 1997

Professor revives Waco legend:

Capt.Billy Whizzbang's

Jennifer Paschal / The Baylor Lariat

Steve McClain, part owner of Captain Billy Whizzbang's Old Fashioned Hamburgers and Stevie's Most Excellent Cheesecakes, shows of one of his 'Texas Style Cheesecakes' available at the restaurant.

By Karen Taft

Lariat Reporter

For those craving a juicy deluxe hamburger or a mouth-watering cheesecake, Capt. Billy Whizzbang's is the restaurant to try.

Law professor David Guinn and his wife Cindy, along with three other partners, purchased the local restaurant recently.

Cindy Guinn said she knew Stevie's Most Excellent Cheescakes was going out of business, so the group proposed a plan to combine Capt. Billy Whizzbang's and the cheesecake shop.

'They approached me and I decided to move in with them,' said Steve McClain, a partner in the project. 'I didn't think it would work, but it did. We are approaching our one-month anniversary.'

Capt. Billy Whizzbang's first opened in 1977 along Waco Drive. According to legend, Capt. Billy Whizzbang attempted to fly across the continent from San Francisco to New York City in his hot air balloon. He encountered thunderstorms around Buzzard Breath, Utah and drifted off his course. He ended up crashing in Texas somewhere between Gatesville and Naruna. Whizzbang was so embarrassed he didn't return to San Francisco. Instead, he opened Capt. Billy Whizzbang's Old Fashion All-American Hamburger Stand.

According to the tales, people came from all over the country to taste his hamburgers. Eventually he died and his recipe was lost. Fortunately, after years of testing, someone was able to come up with the recipe and re-open Capt. Billy Whizzbang's.

Joy Forster, a Maryville, Tenn., freshman, and Joe Blakistone, a Spring freshman, said they are regulars at the restaurant because they love the food.

Guinn said all of the partners and their families help out on the weekends.

'My husband and I work together,' Cindy Guinn said. 'You can come over on Saturdays and watch him bus tables.'

Capt. Billy Whizzbang's is located at 901 Lake Air Drive.

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