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Students must prepare now for summer storage

March 20, 1997

Jennifer Paschal / The Baylor Lariat

Bear Storage, located on the corner of 12th Street and I-35, is one place students can store belongings during the summer.

By Lisa Hanna

Lariat Reporter

As the semester comes to a close, many students are beginning to prepare to leave Waco for the summer. Students who come from far places may find it difficult to drag everything home, only to reload and haul it all back in the fall.

Ann Menconi, a San Diego sophomore, suggested that freshmen should ask a friend living in an apartment to let them store furniture for the summer.

'My roommate was nice enough to take my things home with her for the summer because she lives closer to Waco than I do,' Menconi said.

For those students who can't find a friend to store their stuff, storage facilities around Waco offer alternatives.

Bear Storage is a popular facility for students because of competitive summer rates and their location near campus, said owner Robin Canz.

'Students seem to really benefit from storing their things if they have nowhere else to put it,' Canz said. 'With our facility, students pay a one-time set-up fee and receive a lock that they can take with them when they are done with the storage unit. We also offer some low monthly rates on our units.'

Other storage facilities around Waco offer lower prices but are not as close to campus.

Bearden's Self Storage rents 5-by-10 units for $25 a month with no other fees. Castle Self Storage in Hewitt offers 10-by-10 units for $35 a month.

For freshmen moving into apartments for the first time, considering a 12-month apartment lease instead of a 10-month lease may be beneficial in the long run. Students who choose to sign leases for just the school year are finding that they must find summer storage to accommodate all their belongings.

Some apartments offer reduced summer rates, which may be an alternative for students who live hundreds of miles from Waco.

Gail Christensen, assistant manager of Arlington Farms Apartments, said they offer lower summer rates for students who return home for the summer.

We have found that it is very beneficial to the students who live here and worth their money to sign a 12-month lease so that they don't have to find a place to store their things for the summer if they choose to go home,' Christensen said.

Other apartment complexes also offer similar deals.

Competitive apartment shopping is a necessity, but storage facilities offer deals for students who do not want to load the car--Beverly Hillbillies style--and make the long trip home.

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