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Taxes now done over the phone

March 19, 1997

By Alison Hovanec

Lariat Reporter

Life has just become easier for students who suffer from tax form phobia.

TeleFile is a service, offered by the IRS, that allows students and people under a certain income to file tax return forms over the phone.

Students are eligible to use TeleFile if they filed a 10-40EZ tax return form last year, if they have an income under $50,000, and if they live at the same address.

'Students who are going home for spring break should check their mail for the Telefile packet,' Phil Beasley, a spokesman for the IRS in Dallas, said in a telephone interview.

TeleFile is a computer-operated service that allows students to file their income tax return forms in 10 minutes free of charge 24 hours per day. Students should receive returns in two to three weeks.

'Taxes can be intimidating for students,' Beasley said. 'The system is user-friendly so students do not have to worry about math; plus, the computer guides them step-by-step.'

'The packet came in the mail and within 10 minutes I was done. Filing my taxes over the phone allowed me to get my taxes filed quickly, and I received my return within two weeks,' said Jeff Medina, an Austin junior.

Judy Tomasco, national director of communications for TeleFile, said the program is perfect for college students.

'The TeleFile program is ideally suited for college students with fairly basic tax returns. The procedure is quick, there's no paperwork to mail, and it's the fastest way to get refunds,' Tomasco said.

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