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Phi Delta Theta bans alcohol from frat houses effective by 2000

March 19, 1997

By Allison Curlin

Lariat Reporter

In an attempt to preserve its mission, the Phi Delta Theta fraternity will ban alcohol from each of its residences by July 1, 2000.

'We want to give renewed strength to the core principles of our founders,' Robert Deloian, president of Phi Delta Theta's General Council, said in a press release. 'Our objectives are friendship, encouragement of academic achievement and development of leadership and community service. Abuse of alcohol among college undergraduates endangers these principles.'

The national fraternity will begin an incentive system including grants to improve housing facilities and education for individual chapters abiding by the new rule.

Ben Howard, president of the Interfraternity Council, said he does not think the new anti-alcohol rule will affect the Phi Delt chapter at Baylor because University policy already prohibits alcohol at fraternity functions and fraternity houses do not exist.

'We are not allowed to serve any alcohol at fraternity functions,' Howard said. 'It just doesn't happen.'

Eleven of the fraternity's 180 chapters in the U.S. and Canada are already alcohol-free, including Ashland University, Arizona State University, University of Colorado at Boulder, Colorado State University, Hanover College, Indiana University, University of Michigan, University of Montana, Oklahoma State University, University of Vermont and Westminster College.

At these alcohol-free chapters 'we find academic achievement improves and that we are attracting young men with excellent leadership qualities,' Deloian said.

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