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Setting goals, designating study time can ease raging spring fever

March 19, 1997

The issue:

Dealing with spring fever

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Setting goals and a study time can help deal with


attention to classes.

Kristin Nelson

Lariat staff writer

Sunning at South Padre Island or swishing down a double diamond at Breckinridge, Colo., can make a student's focus venture from the pressures of grades, graduation and the GRE to food, folks and fun. The hardest part about enjoying a spring break trip is that no one ever wants it to end.

Spring break has always symbolized the beginning of the end of the school year. It is the one thing everyone looks forward to during those cold, rainy February days. What happens now?

Although spring break is over, most students' minds are still on vacation. The University's schedule complicates matters further by throwing in an extended Easter break only two weeks later.

Will we ever get our focus back? Has senioritis already set in? Any day now, the sun will break through the March clouds, the warm weather will hit and stick around and then all attempts to focus on school work will be for naught. Or will it?

Students can attempt to regain their focus on academics upon contraction of the dreaded spring fever in several ways. Brian Black, an academic support counselor in the Student Retention Office, gave a few basic suggestions which can be overlooked while students' minds are still vacationing.

The most obvious way to regain focus is to set goals. Evaluate where you are in the semester, and where you want to be.

If you're anything like the typical college students, you're depending on that term paper and final to bring your grade up a letter or two. This isn't completely unachievable. With seven weeks left in the semester, there are still many chances to make up for earlier blunders.

Focus is the most important element. Setting a definite direction to where you want to be at the end of the semester will help carry you through on a daily basis.

Designating a specific time to study helps creates a habit for your mind and helps to avoid procrastination. When those sunny spring days hit and there's nothing more enjoyable than laying out at the Baylor Marina, it's good to have a designated study time so that an hour of tanning doesn't turn into an entire afternoon lost. Man is a creature of habit, so creating a study habit can help regain lost focus.

Planning ahead and developing time management skills are probably the most important aspects of remaining academically focused for the duration of the spring semester.

Seven weeks can evaporate into the week before finals unless some basic time management and planning are done.

Three of the next seven are four-day weeks, so taking notice of these suggestions and doing some advanced work can help ease the symptoms of spring fever.

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