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Guidelines for transfer credits available

March 19, 1997

By Randolph Tjahjono

Lariat Reporter

With summer fast approaching, students are scrambling to make plans. While some students will work throughout the summer, others will try to get ahead (or catch-up) in summer school.

One of the biggest concerns for students taking summer classes outside of the University is making sure that the University will accept the credits. To ease this process, the Office of Admissions has made available a list of equivalent courses offered at major Texas junior colleges on the University home page. Students can access the list from the University home page by following the Student Life link.

Shirley Bradshaw, coordinator of undergraduate evaluations, said this is the best way for a student to make sure that the University will or will not accept the class credit.

'Other than that, a student will have to go to individual departments and ask if a class they are planning on taking will transfer over,' Bradshaw said.

To further ease the process, the University participates in the Texas Common Course Numbering System (TCCNS).

'Most junior colleges across Texas have adopted a common course number for certain classes, and some four-year institutions have agreed to abide by them,' Bradshaw said.

The TCCNS allows students to simply cross-reference course numbers to see if the University accepts the course credit. The TCCNS numbers for University courses are listed in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Furthermore, students planning to transfer credits from another college should read the University's policy on transfer credits. This policy can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog, on the web page or from the Office of Admissions.

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