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Speaker gives three tips on life

March 18, 1997

By Dax Schymick

Lariat Reporter

A motivational speaker entertained students and prefaced Grandparents' Weekend by sharing three main points on life during Chapel-Forum Wednesday.

'God gave me four daughters and a lovely wife,' said former pastor and motivational speaker Dr. Bill Thorn. 'Someone once asked me why I traveled so much--I told them if living with five women won't make you hit the road, nothing will.'

Thorn said his three points on life are that a good sense of humor, an optimistic spirit and a good family are key assets in being successful.

Thorn has spoken at 6,500 engagements to date, and he travels to share his outlook on aging.

'I laughed the whole time,' Mary Cappie Tavary, a New Orleans sophomore, said. 'He had a program that I feel really had an important message.'

Thorn said that in the process of getting older, it is amazing to see how fast things change.

'In the morning, I have to look in the mirror to see what happened overnight,' Thorn said.Thorn had a way of relating to the audience, according to one Chapel-Forum student.

'More people will remember what he said because he was funny,' Jason Griffin, a Corpus Christi junior, said. 'I hope he comes back.'

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