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March 18, 1997

Quality of Baylor students dropping

I am writing in response to the article 'Class Sizes Increase with Enrollment' in the Feb. 28 edition of the Lariat. I was appalled. According to statistics, 40 percent of the freshmen enrolled at the University did not meet the minimum requirements for attendance here. The 'great universities' (MIT, Harvard, etc.) admit less than 5 percent of these people who do not meet their standards.

For Dr. Stan Madden's information, the quality of students at this University has already fallen. As a biology departmental tutor, I have had some first-hand experience with these students. One of them, a freshman biology/pre-med major in his fourth month of freshman biology still could not explain to me the basic difference between a proton and an electron! Not only did he not understand the concept, he had little ambition to learn it either.

If the University is interested in expanding its economic revenues, that is fine, but do not do it at the expense of those of us who met the standards. Letting in more people of less quality has consequences: a degree from Baylor will become less accredited.

Baylor's success rates in placing its students in occupations, graduate schools and professional schools will drop. All in all, the University simply will not be able to compete. What is more, I have been here now for almost four years and I have watched parking grow scarce if not impossible to find, classrooms, hallways and cafeterias become more crowded and professors become more apathetic. Often in science classes, there is not enough equipment for all the students and the equipment that is available is old, corroded and in dire need of replacement.

Yes, Dr. Madden, it is true: Baylor will never be an elite university. But Baylor will never be a high-quality university either. Baylor will be mediocre and Dr. Madden, for some of us, mediocre just isn't good enough.

Cornelia Sawatzky

Biology/Pre-med '97

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