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Letters to the Editor

March 7, 1997

Gender studies not just for women

Ryan Riggs claims that 'politically correct language demeans the English language.' I, however, question how demeaning it is to hold man as the norm or standard to which womyn are to be compared. Non gender-neutral language does just that. Man is said to represent both womyn and men. The Supreme Court ruled that an all-male jury is not representative of society, so how can he represent she. Can she also represent he?

These same male images are reinforced when referring to God as he. Women are left to feel inferior because male images of God undermine self-confidence and self-esteem. Additionally, the text refers to God as being male only because that was the only way God would be accepted. I would like to think society has progressed since the beginnings of Christianity.

To address Riggs' discussion of the Gender Studies program, I have one suggestion-do more research. The curriculum does include classes with the word 'womman' in them, however the course list also includes: gender and community, interpersonal communication, individual and family development and social gerontology.

I would also like to point out that on February 25th--last week--the gender studies program presented a lecture on the men's movement. Finally, if Riggs had ever taken a gender studies class he would learn about womyn's experiences as compared to men's. We do not just learn names of notable womyn, but learn how womyn respond in a 'man's world' with them. As Dr. Wallace put it, 'Gender studies is a progression of Womyn's Studies.'

Riggs claims that using 'PC' language is restrictive. I cannot think of anything more restrictive then having images of a specific gender appear in our minds when referring to doctors, lawyers, senators, police officers and nurses.

Sarah Davis

Economics/ Gender Studies '98

Track members show courtesy

Recently I observed four members of your track team at dinner in an Omaha, Neb., restaurant, and would like to tell you that they were some of the most courteous, outgoing, friendly people I have been around.

They took the time to interact with one family that was having a very noisy, eventful supper, and they did so with good humor and class.

I'm sorry that I don't know their names, but hope that they will somehow receive word that their outstanding conduct was noticed and appreciated.

Rick Cole

Wahoo, Neb.

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