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Letters to the Editor

March 6, 1997

Riggs column lacked sensitivity

I just want to commend Ryan Riggs for his incisive analysis of political correctness and support of the male dominated society.

Rush would have been proud even though you didn't use the word feminazi. If males allow these trouble-makers to impose their Godless feminist ideology of total equality between the sexes, women may actually start believing they are as important and valuable as men in society.

I'm sure Ryan will agree that if there had been women in our infantry during the Gulf War we probably would have been defeated by Saddam's all-male army. And the nerve of Nicholas Wolterstorf calling you a Mexican while spouting all that gibberish about political correctness. Fortunately you support his free speech right to refer to your ethnicity any way he wants, regardless of whether he degrades you or hurts your feelings.

But seriously Ryan, you are exhibiting a total lack of sensitivity to the plight of women in our society. Only someone blinded by their own male interests, or committed to an outdated Hebrew social ideology, can deny the blatant sexism in our society.

Jesus broke these traditions by accepting women into his inner circle of confidants, and they turned out to be his most loyal and courageous supporters.

The only reason he didn't have female disciples was because it simply would not have been accepted by males brought up to believe that women were not suited to positions of authority, an attitude to which Shakespeare, Chaucer, and Ryan all appear to adhere.

Ryan, you only have a couple of years left to enter the 20th Century. Don't blow it.

Gary Brinker

Master's Candidaate in Sociology '97

DPS looking out for students

It is truly disappointing to see students have such great disrespect for a group of individuals who make it their job to keep Baylor a safe environment. Fisher's letter was completely off-base and uncalled for. Every officer does not write tickets but there are only a few people responsible for writing tickets, the officers on bikes and in patrol cars are responsible for the rest of campus safety. If Fisher actually knew some of the DPS officers he would find out that these people really care about our safety and they have actually stopped crimes on campus. As for the problem of getting tickets, I can give a few pointers: don't speed, park on the lines, back into parking spots, or park in 15 min. parking longer than 15 min. If you do not do these things, you won't get a ticket. For some reason this just sounds too easy. I hope Fisher will try to find out the facts about our DPS, and not make accusations that are completely untrue.

Earl Fairbanks

Finance '99

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