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Editorial: Living on Campus

March 6, 1997


Living on campus

Less restrictions in halls could increase University students living on campus

The issue:

Residence hall policies

Our view:

The University needs to

provide equal opportunity to females for

living in


One of the most prevalent reasons given by University students as to why they choose to move out of the residence halls usually after the freshman year is the restrictive visitation hours.

Students have begged for years to have daily visitation hours and visitation hours after dark, but these do not exist. They exist only for men living in The Quadrangle Apartments, a dormitory located on 5th Street behind the Centre apartments.

The Quad, as it is better known, is made up of approximately 50 percent student athletes--mostly underclassmen football players--and about 50 percent upperclassman non-athletes, according to The Quad office assistant Patrick Winsey, a Houston senior. The Quad's visiting hours are from 6 to 10:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 1 p.m. to the same time on weekends.

Only after 12:30 a.m., just as with the other campus dormitories, are safety hours implemented where non-residents are asked to leave the property. There are also no resident assistants to monitor students living at The Quad--only a dorm director to deal with problems and complaints if they arise.

Freshman men can apply to live in The Quad just as they are able to apply for the other three residence halls and are generally given an equal opportunity to reside in The Quad.

Female students in dorms other than Ruth Collins, North and South Russell and Kokernot residence halls are given additional visitation hours on Friday evenings. Otherwise, females are not given a chance to live in a place such as The Quad which is more like an apartment complex, with little supervision and daily visiting hours.

If some residence halls are given longer and more visiting hours, they need to be meted out to students who are upperclassmen, or have presented themselves to be mature enough to handle more freedom regardless of gender. The University should consider a female residence hall that is managed like The Quad and whose residents have the same number of privileges as Quad residents.

The University is currently investigating and evaluating why students tend to leave University residence halls so early and to see whether or not the halls need to be remodeled.

If more dormitories were set up like The Quad, more students might be willing to stay in University residences for longer periods of time.

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