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University redesigns logo

March 6, 1997

By Lori Lenarduzzi

Lariat Reporter

The University is redesigning its athletic logos in hopes of creating increased name recognition.

'We want to reposition our image,' Maxey Parrish, sports information director, said. 'We want a logo that says, 'We are in the Big 12 and you'd better watch out because we are going to win.''

A committee of 20-23 members including administration, faculty, students and alumni, is working with the New York firm, SME Design Inc., to create seven logos that will give the University more name recognition.

'The committee is working really hard to create a logo that will help increase merchandise sales, and get Baylor's name more well known across the nation,' said Jerome Rose, a Kansas City, Mo., senior and committee member.

The committee has had one meeting with the design firm to discuss what they want in the different logos. More work is involved than just hiring an artist to create some logos, Parrish said. The committee will meet three more times before final revisions are made.

'We are working with a design company that specializes in working with universities and professional teams to design and re-design their logos and marks,' Gary Luft, director of purchasing and campus services, said.

A new bear face will be designed as the primary athletic logo to create high visibility. Six spin-offs will be created as well.

In the past, people around the country have known the name Baylor, but the new logos will emphasize Baylor Bears. The goal of the committee is not to eliminate the other logos, but to add to them, allowing University athletic teams to stand out.

'We want people to see apparel with the name Baylor Bears on it and buy it because they think the logo is cool,' Parrish said.

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