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Motion Poets jazzes it up Student Union presents Minneapolis jazz band

March 5, 1997

By Robin Starnes

Lariat Reporter

The Motion Poets, a jazz band from Minneapolis, will be performing at 2 p.m., today, in the Bear.

The sextet is composed of men ranging from 21 to 26 years of age, and performs with three horns and a rhythm section. The group was formed in 1993 under the name Little Big Band. They released their debut album, Truth and Consequences, under this name before trademark disputes caused the switch to Motion Poets.

Doug Little, band member and alto saxophone player, said the band has been touring Texas and is playing schools to fill the weekdays.

'We play all of the clubs that we can, but there just aren't enough jazz clubs in Texas to play seven nights a week,' Little said. 'We got the idea to set up clinics and concerts with schools and it has been a gas.'

Little said the Motion Poets were in Waco recently and held a clinic with Waco High School. Baylor is the only local university they have performed at so far.

The concert is presented by the Student Union. Denise Adkison, Student Union president and a Houston senior, said the jazz group will be performing for the students in the afternoon following a morning workshop in the music school.

J.T. Spoede, a Katy freshman and Student Union vice president, said the band has a 'coffee house feel.'

'I've listened to their CD and I really liked it,' Spoede said. 'I'm not really into jazz, but I enjoyed their stuff. It had a lot of variety.'

Dana Lee Haines, assistant director of Student Activities, hopes students will take advantage of the free concert and enjoy the music.

'We want the students to come by, grab a snack and take a little study break by enjoying some free music in the afternoon,' Haines said.

In addition to the performance, the Motion Poets will also be promoting their new CD entitiled Standard of Living, which will be available in stores on March 11.

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