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Business staffers redecorate Family Abuse Center

March 5, 1997

By Jeff Talbert

Lariat Reporter

They traded in their keyboards for paint brushes and their free day for a work day.

Nine members of the Hankamer Staff Association spent Saturday painting and redecorating three bedrooms at the Family Abuse Center.

'The reason we wanted to decorate them is to add a little warmth to the rooms,' said president of the staff association Judy Corwin, who is also business school communications and public relations director.

Sherwin-Williams donated the paint, while various members of the staff association donated items for the decorating.

Business school academic support services coordinator Carolyn Boeche said she had a good time.

'I really enjoyed it even though it was hard work,' Boeche said. 'We looked rough.'

This was the second project this year for the Hankamer Staff Association, which has existed for two years.

During the fall they worked with Food for Families, and this semester Corwin said everybody felt that they could make a contribution at the Family Abuse Center.

Each room had three people working in it.

One would roll and two would stroke with the paint brush.

'I was really proud of the way all the women worked hard at it,' Corwin said.

Boeche said the hard work was worth it.

'A room with a little more atmosphere would make it easier to be there,' Boeche said. 'It's got to be hard for them to leave their home.'

Even as they were working the facility was fully occupied.

The occupant of one of the rooms that they redecorated even helped.

Some members also put up shower curtains in the bathroom, and placed clocks in the bedrooms.

'At the end of the day we were really tired,' Corwin said. 'But we felt good about what we'd done and hoped they would enjoy the rooms.'

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