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March 5, 1997

Marilyn Manson 'advisory' sheltered

I would like to thank those gutless wonders who posted the Marilyn Manson 'advisory' in Collins Residence Hall (and I'm sure among other dormitories). Whoever you are, you have your facts a bit skewed; Marilyn Manson, though not one of my favorite bands, has a purpose. Does anyone out there remember Alice Cooper of the 1970s punk rock era?

He was out to put on a show, the same as Marilyn Manson; he brought out the not-so-lovely side of life that most students at Baylor have never lived in their sheltered lives.

If you don't have faith in your own values, then it is no wonder these same people can't stand to listen to his music.

God created us (yes, this includes Marilyn Manson) and our thoughts and would not have done so if he hadn't wanted us to use our mental faculties. I am a Lutheran Christian, for those of you who might think I agree with Manson's religious values, and although I don't agree with his thoughts, I believe his willingness to express them should be as free as D.C. Talk. Those who have their own opinions are welcome to share them, though they apparently not as freely here at Baylor than in the rest of the United States where the freedom of religion, as I recall, is protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution.

I think it's regrettable that the closed-minded attitudes of people around campus will continue to close their eyes to the harshness of reality. Maybe he just needs help; to quote from a song from his newest album 'Pray your life is just a dream, I'm so tangled in my sins I cannot escape.' How many of you squirmy worms would put forth your Christian right hand and help him out of his hole?

Tracy Jamison

English '99

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