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Brazos Queen II closes due to river problems

March 5, 1997

James Phillips / The Baylor Lariat

Due to problems with the water level of the Brazos River, the Brazos Queen II restaurant closed its doors on Feb. 25. At this time, the restaurant has no plans to reopen.

By A. Latham Staples

Lariat Reporter

A popular restaurant and meeting place for students and organizations, has raised the anchor and sailed away leaving students with one less place to dine.

The Brazos Queen II, located on the Brazos River at Interstate 35 and Fort Fisher, shut its doors Feb. 25 due to problems with the river's water level, a Brazos Queen II spokesman said.

'The dam is broken, and the fluctuation in the water level caused us to shut our doors,' assistant manager Kim Jung said. 'It was becoming too much of a hassle. The water has either been over the dock or it has been too shallow for business.'

The Brazos Queen II has been a popular meeting place for organizations.

'We held our semi-formal at the Brazos Queen in November,' said Stephanie Henderson, a Sugarland sophomore and Kappa Chi Alpha member. 'The Brazos Queen was a great place to hold our function. We all had a great time.'

Chi Omega organized many functions at the Brazos Queen II, including Chi-O Cruise and Bon Voyage, said Amy Mathis, a Memphis, Tenn., junior.

'The atmosphere of the Brazos Queen was wonderful,' Mathis said. 'Being on the upper deck overlooking the river provided a great party place.'

Ricky Garrett, the City of Waco's water treatment superintendent, said problems with the dam shouldn't be causing the problems forcing the restaurant's shutdown.

'There is a problem with one of the hydraulic pumps located on the dam,' Garrett said. 'However, it should not be causing the fluctuations in the water level that the restaurant is claiming responsible for its closing. The excessive rainfall amounts these past few months may be to blame.'

The Brazos Queen II opened in 1986 and closed in 1988 'due to the loss of our chef,' Jung said. 'We re-opened in 1989 when the chef from Water Works joined our staff.'

At this time, employees say the Brazos Queen II will not re-open.

'We were planning on having our function at the Brazos Queen,' said Leslie Garner, a San Marcos senior and member of Mu Phi Epsilon music fraternity.

But now the organization is looking for a new location. Garner said the Brazos Queen II has promised to refund all money Mu Phi Epsilon had paid in advance.

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