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Funds allocated to Steppin+ Out, drop/add process stays

March 4, 1997

Funds allocated to Steppin' Out, drop/add process stays

By Randolph Tjahjono

Lariat Reporter

Student Congress allocated funds to assist Steppin' Out and defeated a measure that would have sent a letter to the administration recommending that the University streamline the drop/add process for students.

In a unanimous vote, Congress agreed to allocate $1,842.31 from the Student Life fund to Steppin' Out for the purchase of new tools and other resources.

According to Lin Wayner, a New York City senior, the allocation will 'help Steppin' Out to empower more people.'

'In the past, we would have students show up, but we wouldn't have enough tools for them,' Wayner said. 'This bill will help us a great deal in addressing that problem.'

The other measure of the night, a proposal to send a support letter to the administration encouraging them to streamline the drop/add process, was narrowly defeated after much debate.

The bill's opponents were not against the bill itself but merely how the bill was written.

'I felt the bill had information that was incorrect,' sophomore class representative Mark Freeman, a Sherman native, said. 'I did not want [the bill] sent to the administration the way it was. It could have been written in a better fashion.'

The bill's sponsor, at-large representative Colin Swindle, a Tulsa, Okla., junior, said he was 'disappointed that students did not want to help themselves' by passing the measure and making it easier for them to go through the bureaucratic red tape.

Swindle also added that he was never approached by the bill's opponents about their problems with the proposal.

'If they wanted a better bill, then they should have come to me, but I was never approached,' Swindle said.

Others supporters of the measure believe that the defeat of the bill does not mean the issue is dead.

'The message Congress is giving out is not that they don't like the idea the bill represented, but that they are not content with the solution the bill offered,' off-campus representative Christy Rome, a Stafford sophomore, said.

In other business, Congress filled the vacancy in the Student Court by confirming the nomination of Jasmine Fisher, and a bill proposing extended library hours was introduced.

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