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March 4, 1997

Student displeased with Baylor DPS

In my two years here at Baylor, I have never met a member of the Baylor Department of Public Safety that was even remotely courteous or helpful.

I have never seen or heard of one stopping a crime other than the occasional speeder going 23 mph down 8th Street, or stopping those 'rowdy' Baylor kids from throwing the occasional party.

In fact, when I think of the Baylor DPS I wonder why they even carry guns.

Any emergency situation that arises has always been handled by the Waco police department, and if one pays attention to the cars driving around campus they would easily see more Waco police cars than DPS.

It occurs to me that a group of people devoted solely to the pursuit of doling out tickets to college students doesn't really require firearms.In fact the DPS is probably the largest group of armed meter maids that I have ever seen.

At times, I am also curious as to whether they have ever written a ticket to anyone but Baylor students.

I can't count the times that I have witnessed a car with an (F-E) sticker on the back parked in a student or a visitor parking lot all day and left completely alone,while students receive citations for things like parking crooked,backing in,or parking for 16 minutes in a 15 minute space.

It seems absurd for the student population to pay higher tuition and fees in order to fund a group who are here for one reason and one reason only: to cost us more money.

Save a little,sell back their guns.

Christopher Fisher

Marketing '99

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