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Council discusses technology

March 4, 1997

By Randolph Tjahjono

Lariat Reporter

The University Developmental Council focused on technology in its annual spring meeting on Saturday.

A video showing the University's progress in promoting technology in the classroom was presented by Dr. Corey Carbonara, associate vice president for technology management, and Dr. Reagan Ramsower, dean of technology.

The video depicted the University's goal to cater to non-traditional students with distance learning and its attempt to help alumni and former students adapt to a changing work environment.

The video depicted the 'Ideas-Net' created by the University to connect various local middle and high schools to Baylor.

The goal of the 'Ideas-Net' is to eventually link the University to other colleges across the country.

After the video presentation, Dave Roberts, head football coach, gave a brief speech emphasizing that 'goals, accountability and leadership' will be the main focus of the football team this year.

Furthermore, Roberts said he will 'demand more [and] demand better' from the football team.

Roberts said that if team is to have a successful year, 'the players will have to believe.'

After a presentation of the Outstanding Student Awards, Richard Scott, vice-president of University development, gave a report on the University's fund-raising efforts.

He said in 1996, the University raised $4 million more dollars than the previous year and that for 1997, the University is ahead of that pace by $50,000.

Scott also reported that the University has collected an estimated $5 million dollars for the Student Life Complex and that efforts are under way for a new science building, law school facilities and Strecker Museum.

President Robert B. Sloan Jr. closed the meeting by reassuring the council about several issues.

First, he stated that 'the Baylor Board of Regents and the Baylor Health Care Board of Trustees are working diligently and faithfully to do the right thing' in regards to the sale of the health care system.

In regards to technology, Sloan said the University is taking 'every opportunity to keep abreast of the exciting technological changes that are taking place.'

'Baylor will never stray away from the hard sciences' as he said other universities have done in recent years.

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