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Plato scholar addresses philosophy club

March 3, 1997

By Dax Schymick

Lariat Reporter

Dr. Jacob Howland, chair of the philosophy depatrment at The University of Tulsa presented a lecture, 'The Third Wave in Plato's Republic,' to the University philosophy club Friday.

He said that 'a philospher is the lover of wisdom and truth' and stressed the need for a philisophical policy within the community to make it a better place.

Howland's 45 minute speech covered three main points: the semblance of virtue, Eros and philosophy in the Kallipolis and the paradox of political philosophy.

Viewing these three concepts in a different light is the idea behind the title of Howlands' speech.

'The third wave sends a tidal shift on the discussion of these subjects,' he said.

According to Dr. Ann-Marie Bowery, assistant professor of philosophy, Howland's visit represented a great opportunity to hear a leading expert on Plato,

'Howland is one of the great scholars in the dramatic interpretation of Plato,' she said.

After the lecture, Howland fielded questions from students and faculty.

Derrick Knotts, a Killeen junior, said the most interesting part of Howland's speech was the concept of the position of the philosopher, as a politician, is to direct the city.

'This was a very beneficial activity... students can come in and get insight from other schools and what they are learning,' Knotts said.

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