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Long, snowy return inspires need for changes in latitude

Jan. 31, 1997

The issue:

The long trip back to Waco after the holidays.

Her view:

Ice-and-snow-filled weather is a pain.

Erica Lewis

Lariat Assistant City Editor

Christmas is over and spring is on the way. However, Mother Nature is dishing out a good dose of winter weather before we get to enjoy the days of summer. Many Baylor students felt the unusual rash of bad weather across the country as they returned from the winter holidays.

All my friends from the south cannot believe that I don't want to go home to Colorado again next Christmas, Though when you grow up with snow, sometimes a tropical holiday season sounds great. My holiday was spent trying to dodge southern drivers on ice (which is much like an Ice Follies performance), thousands of skiers loaded down in equipment and tourists who keep waiting for it to really snow--like a whole inch. Though I will have to say the holidays were amusing, and it was my return to college that made the holidays horrendous.

Airports were closed with iced runways and interstates were flooded with mud slides. Flights were canceled and return trips were delayed at great length and cost. I was one of the fellow unlucky ones who had to endure the elements on my return trip to Waco.

My flight was scheduled to depart at 8:30 a.m. but due to mechanical failure the plane sat at Denver International Airport for the next three hours while I sat in Montrose, Colo., and waited. The plane was finally fixed, or so I hope the needed repairs were completed since I boarded it at almost noon. Flying across the Rocky Mountains we were tossed around in blizzard like conditions and I thought the flight would never end.

The puddle jumper landed and we exited. However, I had to switch airlines in Denver and due to the first flights long delay I had to carry all my luggage with me because there would not be enough time for it to get to my next plane.

It was snowing so hard in Denver that by the time I got to my luggage it was covered in a white blanket. I gathered all five bags and proceeded to try to make my next flight. I had thirty minutes to get to my next gate. Normally this would not be a problem, but the airport was jumping and I couldn't find a luggage cart to carry my bags which weighed in excess of 200 pounds.

I tried to run but was hampered by my luggage. I finally made it to the tram which would take me to my other airline. When I tried to get on the escalator, my baggage strap got caught and I almost fell down the mechanical stairs. I regained my balance and tried to remain calm for my flight was scheduled to depart in five minutes.

I finally found my gate and boarded just in time. The plane taxied out toward the runway while I checked to make sure I made it with all of my bags. Our flight was then delayed for an hour as crews tried to de-ice the plane with what looked like watered down Pepto Bismol.

I arrived in Austin in what seemed like spring weather. When I flew into Denver it had been -6 degrees. Now it was almost 30 degrees outside. I had been up since 5:30 a.m., and I still had to drive to Waco.

I had to laugh because I had spent all Christmas trying to relax. However, all the stress from traveling had me really wound up, though I guess I can't complain. One of my good friends had to change her airline tickets three times to get back and she missed the first three days of classes because of the bad weather. Another friend lost all of her luggage amongst her holiday travels and then proceeded to spend the night on the floor of the airport.

So in preparation for next Christmas my friends and I have decided to spend the holidays in a nice warm place...I wonder how Australia would fare? Any other students want to join us?

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