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Jan. 31, 1997

Basketball program makes progress

I have worked with the Baylor Men's Basketball team for three years now and have loved every minute of it. I have become very fond of some of the players.

I have been around and sweated out the agony of losing seasons the past couple of years. This year's team is different. They are the hardest working, most dedicated group of players I have ever been around. As many of you may know, these players are not only outstanding athletes, but more importantly outstanding (Christian) individuals.

Coach Miller and our staff have done a tremendous job of turning around a program that had sunk as far as any program could go. This year we have compiled a 13-7 record and defeated a ranked opponent for the first time in seven years. I am writing this summary of our basketball program to let people know what they are missing by not coming to the basketball games.

I am extremely pleased with the support we have received thus far, but I hope to spark even more interest from the student body and the surrounding community of Waco.

Our team is very pleased with our win over Texas, but we are not satisfied. We know we are a good team that can beat anyone on any given night, but beating Texas is not our whole season-it just signifies how far our program has come.

Brad Cox and his comments following the game were very unprofessional and unnecessary. We hope to do a lot more as we continue on with conference play.


Tim Sankey

PE/Coaching '98

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