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Bagel makes a comeback with students

Jan. 31, 1997

Healthy sandwich alternative becomes a University favorite

Jennifer Paschal/The Baylor LariatFresh bagels are a favorite food of many Baylor students. Waco's newest Bagel Shop, which will be located on 1700 S. 5th St., is set to open in less than three weeks.

By Melissa Harlow

Lariat Reporter

Look out, coffee shops. There's a new wave flowing into town and it's making its way onto the University campus.

In less than three weeks, The New York Bagel Cafe will open a chain location in the shopping center at 1700 S. 5th St., next door to The Centre apartments.

'It's bread with an attitude,' said Michael Longaker, manager of the first New York Bagel Cafe in Waco. Since 90 percent of his customers are college students, he hopes the new location will be both convenient and successful.

With many varieties to tease your tastebuds, bagels, whether plain or packed with meat and vegetables, will neither leave your stomach nor your pocket empty.

'We have plain, sesame, onion, jalepeño, blueberry, honey oat wheat and cinnamon, just to name a few,' said Longaker.

The bagel wave is definitely expanding, and Baylor is now being added to a long list of universities who have found bagel cafes the next best thing since the return of the coffee shop.

Certainly bagels have been around for some time, perhaps ever since the creation of bread and the invention of the wheel. But it is not every day that something so simple makes a comeback.

'They are light, but filling,' said Melisa Hampton, a senior at Oklahoma State University. 'I think everyone is tired of fast food and tired of sub sandwiches. This is a healthy alternative and it really seems to fit in with the college lifestyle. There are already three New York Bagel locations here.'

'The Drag,' a popular hang-out for many University of Texas at Austin students, offers a strip of shops and cafes for students. One, 'Coffee Plantation,' is not only a popular coffee shop, but bagel cafe as well.

From Oklahoma to Austin and on to Baylor, the bagel craze is spreading. Soon football and basketball won't be the only attractions making their way to the top of the Big 12. Also, for the coffee lovers, The New York Bagel Cafe also serves espresso, cappucino, cafe mocha, tea and soda.

After all, 'If it ain't boiled, it's just a roll with a hole.' Longaker said. 'They're new, healthy, and will definitely make your eyes grow larger than your stomach.'

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