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Mock interviews hone skills, prepare for jobs

Jan. 30, 1997

By Alison Hovanec

Lariat Reporter

The Career Services Center is conducting mock interviews through Friday to prepare students for internship and job opportunities.

Interviews with potential employers can be intimidating and stressful for students without interviewing experience. A successful interview can leave a favorable impression on the employer and increase the chances of getting the job.

The mock interviews are conducted by professional recruiters to assist students with improving their interviewing skills.

Roxanne Bita, a Fort Worth junior, said she was excited to have the experience of interviewing.

'I am looking for an internship this summer and looking for help with my interview technique,' Bita said.

Students attending the mock interviews give their resumes and a blank video tape to the recruiter. The interview is recorded and then later replayed for the interviewee so they can see the areas in which they need to improve.

Hilari Smith, a Dallas senior, said she was pleased with the outcome of her interview.

'After we were done, he told me my strengths and weaknesses and gave me a sheet of questions that can be asked during an interview,' Smith said.

Mock interviews are conducted twice a semester by the Career Services Center and open to all majors. Preparing for interviews will give students an advantage when entering the job market.

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