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Internships needed for experience

Jan. 30, 1997

By Lori Lenarduzzi

Lariat Reporter

From the time business students begin at the University, the Hankamer School of Business emphasizes internships to broaden their horizons.

Fletcher Communications, a local advertising agency, provides marketing students the opportunity to gain experience in their chosen field. Interns have the chance to work with companies such as Wendy's Restaurants, Richland Mall and Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center. They participate in ad design, copy writing and many other media related activities.

'We hire interns each semester who provide us with youthful insight for our clients,' said Debbie Alvarado, an account services representative for Fletcher. 'They learn things they cannot learn in the classroom but we learn useful information from them also.'

The Fletcher group coordinated Harlem Globetrotter Reggie 'Airman' Dixon's visit to Waco to promote the team's upcoming game Feb. 7.

Evey Louden, a Leland, Miss., senior and an intern with the agency, has been helping behind the scenes with preparations for the Globetrotter event.

Louden said she enjoyed working at Fletcher because it allowed her to gain experience in a laid back environment.

'I am looking into working for an advertising agency after graduation,' Louden said. 'I know this internship at Fletcher will open doors for my future.'

Jennifer Labarge, a Gilmer senior, completed her internship with Fletcher last semester.

'I knew I wanted to go into the marketing field, but I wasn't sure about advertising,' Labarge said. 'The internship at Fletcher Communications gave me a view of what the job would really be like and now I know that is the path I want to take.'

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