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Some desire 24-hour study hall

Jan. 30, 1997

By Dax Schymick

Lariat Reporter

Additional money and personnel are needed to keep the doors of Moody Memorial Library open 24 hours, Dr. Avery T. Sharp, dean of libraries, said. Student government officials told Chapel-Forum students Wednesday that they are looking into ways to extend the library hours.

'We are working on extended library hours, putting in a 24- hour study hall, and getting syllabuses on line,' said Christy Rome, public relations chairperson for student government.

The extension of hours causes a problem, according to library officials.

'We simply do not have enough people now,' Sharp said. He explained that in order to cover all shifts more employees are needed.

Student government, however, is working on proposing legislation to permanently extend library hours.

'We are mainly talking to administration, but they haven't given us the OK,' Jon-Marc McDonald, electoral commissions member, said.

A mixture of feelings accompany the possible extension for hours at the library.

'I think that many students wait until the last minute to get things done; it would be a plus to have the library and the computer lab open,' Julie Fox, a Poteau, Okla., junior, said.

Meara Habashi, a Grapevine freshman, said that living in dorms is often too loud and an all-night, quiet place to study is sorely needed.

But some students believe that additional operational hours for the library would squander the University's money.

'I think that instead of spending money on the extra personnel spend it on books and periodicals,' Tommy Lawler, a De Soto senior, said.

Despite the differences of opinions, the library is still open 24 hours a day during the last six weeks of school.

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