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Blaze damages warehouse

Jan. 30, 1997

Melissa Miller/ The Baylor Lariat

A Waco firefighter struggles to put out flames which engulfed an abandoned tire warehouse located in the 300 block of Bridge St. The fire was eventually brought under control.

By Lisa Hanna

Lariat Reporter

A fire caused extensive damage to an abandoned warehouse on the north side of Martin Luther King Boulevard in the 300 block of Bridge Street early Wednesday afternoon.

Firefighters struggled for almost 30 minutes to put out the fire, which they believe started about 12:50 p.m. One last truck remained on the scene two hours later to ensure the fire was completely extinguished.

The building was formally known as J.P. Lamm Tire Warehouse and had been vacant for a number of years. Only a few tires were left inside, and no one was injured.

Jon Fasana, the Waco Fire Chief, said that he was unsure of what caused the fire but that an investigation is underway.

Directly next to the warehouse is an old railroad depot. It was built in 1872 and is the oldest depot in Texas. Many witnesses of the fire were relieved to know that the fire did not spread to the depot.

'Thank God the fire did not reach the railroad depot,' Jon Linda, a member of the Waco Fire Department said. 'The city of Waco has been trying to buy the depot since 1988 but the owner won't sell.'

Though the tin outer shell of the building is still standing, the inside is completely destroyed.

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