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Website lists grad school descriptions, contacts

Jan. 29, 1997

By Wilson Aurbach

Lariat Reporter

Students now have a resource on the World Wide Web that can help them find more information about graduate schools across the world.

At, a brief description is provided and contact information for about 12,000 degree programs offered by an international group of more than 2,000 schools.

Academic institutions are allowed to provide a listing on their home pages at no cost.

Students can begin their searches by choosing from more than 100 curriculum categories.

Then the search can be narrowed by selecting from a list of geographic regions.

Most college listings provide street and e-mail addresses, phone numbers and names in that particular department.

Liberty City Promotions, a collegiate marketing firm and originator of GRADSCHOOLS.COM, plan to support their service by selling advertising banners to participating schools and allowing these same schools to purchase links to their own home pages.

'When Internet users try to find graduate school information using the popular web search sites, they get back a great deal of unorganized, often irrelevant clutter,' said Mark Shay, president of Liberty City Promotions. 'Our purpose is to provide all of the information a prospective student needs in a useful format.'

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