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Letters to the Editor

Jan. 29, 1997

Campus facilities need cash, not SLC

When I went home for the Christmas break in December, I noticed a package in our living room. I picked up the package which depicted President Robert B. Sloan Jr. in front of computer screens with the quote 'building a future for our sons and daughters' below him.

It was a videotape so I popped it into the VCR and was taken into a computer-rendered dimension of sight and sound of what would be the multi-million dollar student life complex that's in the works. The bottom line of the video was 'Give us more cash!'

When I came back to school, I attended a class in Tidwell Bible Building, where I have most of my classes. After class, I was experiencing discomfort in my back and that's when I realized that we had really lousy chairs in there. Most of the chairs are just an L-shaped piece of plastic on a stick bolted to the ground.

The administration is building a multi-million dollar complex (which I will probably never see) but they can't give us better seats to sit in? It's just not chairs, but maps, blackboards, podiums, etc. that really need an overhaul.

I thought that the main reason we are here is to attend class and hopefully learn something. I would rather have a comfortable place to sit in class right now than to come back here in a few years and say 'hey, that building is pretty neat!'

I really think the complex can do with one less tennis court or weight machine so some money can be invested in students that are in class NOW. So please, O' mighty titans of administration, consider that a car is worthless if it doesn't have a functioning engine even if its body has a lustre and shines like no other. Look towards the inside first!

Jose Padilla

History '97

Proper parking garage behavior

In his article concerning the campus parking manners of Baylor students, J.R. Reger missed one important area: the parking garage. Though many of the same rules of the parking lots apply (i.e. parking on the lines, parking too close), there are some rules unique to the garage:

*Always take the ramps as fast as possible, with the intent to remove any cars annoyingly parked at the ends of the aisles or cautiously turning the corner.

*Always park your pick-up in the 'Compact Cars Only' spaces.

*Never follow the direction arrows for the aisles - if you can beat out another car for a spot by going the opposite direction then do it!

*30-minute parking spaces are exclusively reserved for those students running late for class.

Sara Rickman

Psych/Env. Studies '98

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