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Student activities hires new coordinator

Jan. 29, 1997

By Jennifer Bjorgaard

Lariat Reporter

The new Coordinator of Special Performances, Daniel Eady, assumed his new position this semester and will now produce All-University Sing, Pigskin Revue and After Dark.

'Student Activities has been very supportive of me and made this transition easy,' Eady said. 'I came into this job only six weeks before the production of Sing.'

Eady is a 1996 graduate of Baylor with a bachelor of arts degree in Classics.

This new position has provided Eady with a challenge to distance himself from his peers and to be professional, he said, especially since his age is so close to the students' ages.

When difficult decisions must be made, though, it's strictly his job as coordinator, he said.

Eady said his new job was unexpected, not work he had planned to do for a long time.

'I never expected to be working at Baylor after graduation,' he said. 'I had planned on getting my Ph.D. in Greek and Latin, but then I had the opportunity to stay at Baylor and work with the choir.

'Then this position came up and I decided that Baylor is where I wanted to be.'

Eady said he likes working with students and working in the environment of Student Activities.

'I like working in the office because I enjoy the bustling environment that it offers,' he said.

Last semester Eady took classes at the George W. Truett Theological Seminary part-time, working on his master's degree in divinity and focusing on music.

He was also the choir director of the Baylor Religious Hour Choir.

This semester Eady began a full-time position in Student Activities when Lois Ferguson, the former coordinator of special performances, gained her new position as assistant to the dean of Arts and Sciences.

Eady continues to work with the Baylor Religious Hour Choir in the mornings and works full time in Student Activities.

Eady's job description includes the production of the All-University Sing in the spring and Pigskin in the fall at Homecoming.

Eady will also work with the production of After Dark during Parents' Weekend and be available to other groups of students that need production information and advice.

Eady plans to get married in June and will continue to work on his master's degree at the George W. Truett Theological Seminary while working in Student Activities.

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