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Lack of parking manners annoys business students

Jan. 28, 1997

The issue:

Rude parking practices on campus.

His view:

Don't get mad, get even.

J.R. Reger

Campus Columnist

Every day most of us get up, take a shower (hopefully) and drive to school. When we get to the parking lots (especially the Hankamer School of Business) it takes an average of 5.26 minutes to wait for a spot and then park.

In my case, making me 15 minutes late for a class.

So here are a few helpful hints to get back at those guys who make parking at Baylor a pain.

*When waiting for a parking spot, stop in the middle of the road, don't signal and orient your car diagonally to prevent others from passing.

*Always park on the lines, taking up as many spots as possible. Diagonal parking is preferred.

*In the Hankamer parking lot, if you find a spot and have the opportunity to pull through to an adjacent one, drive up halfway and stop on the line, taking both.

*As you pull into a spot, if you see a space ahead of you is empty and you see another driver signaling to take it, pull through and take it from him.

*Always park close enough to the adjacent car so that the other driver must grease up with Vaseline to squeeze into his car.

*When getting out of your car, hit the adjacent vehicle with your door really hard.

*If you hit the adjacent car with your door and leave a dent, wait for a car painted the same color as yours, back out, giving up your spot like 'Mr. Good Guy,' and park somewhere else.

*When stopped in front of Hankamer and waiting for a friend to get out of class, make sure you are stopped in the middle of the road.

*When a vehicle from the opposite direction is signaling and waiting for a parking space, position your car so that you are in his way and let the car behind you take it.

*Empty your ashtrays on the ground in the parking lot. While you're at it, dump out all the garbage too.

*When another vehicle is waiting for you to pull out of spot in Hankamer's parking lot, take your time. Adjust your mirrors, seat and the radio. Roll down your window and read over what you learned in class. Feel free to go through your backpack and read an old Lariat crumpled up at the bottom.

*When walking back to your car in the Hankamer lot, gesture to other drivers waiting for spots to make them think that you are getting into your car and leaving, then walk to the next aisle and do it again.

*When walking back to your car, if you notice other students walking past your car to get to theirs, press the buttons on your keychain remote so that your car alarm makes sudden loud 'Bloop-bleep' that scares them.

*If you don't see a speed limit sign in the Hankamer lot, there isn't one.

*When stopped in a lane to let a passenger out, blocking traffic, make sure you continue to block traffic as the passenger then opens the rear door and leans back in to collect all his belongings.

*If all the spaces are full, park on the yellow diagonal lines at the end of the aisle so that no one can see around the corner when driving through.

*If you park in the mud pit at the end of Hankamer's parking lot, be sure to block that first row of cars in so they can't get out.

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