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Editorial: Survey results show administration proof for Student Congress ideas

Jan. 28, 1997


Student Life Survey

Survey results show administration proof for Student Congress ideas

The issue:

The Student Life Survey conducted by Student Congress.

Our view:

The student life committee has worked to make this more accessible so as to give more students a chance to voice their opinions.


nless you're walking around in a dream-like state, you have probably realized our beloved University is not perfect.

Problems exist in many areas; some are easy to fix, others may take a little more time.

These problems cannot be solved, however, if no one knows about them. Before, students have been able to write a letter to the editor of this publication, go see their Student Congress representative or ask Dr. Sloan questions when he comes to speak at Chapel-Forum.

However, with the new Student Life Survey, it has never been easier to voice your opinion concerning issues that matter to you--the student.

Student Congress members, armed with plenty of pencils, will be set up in the Bill Daniel Student Center from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. all week to encourage students to fill out the survey. Students will also be able to fill out the questionnaire in Chapel-Forum on Wednesday.

And, for the first time, those who live and breathe by the computer will have the opportunity to fill out the survey on the internet.

There is no legitimate excuse for not filling out a survey. College life is extremely hectic, but every student should be able to spare just a few minutes to fill out something that could influence the rest of the campus.

Plus, this will be the easiest Scantron you fill out all semester. The questions range from real doozies, like identifying your classification, to extremely difficult questions like whether or not you're involved in a Greek organization.

All kidding aside, there are a few questions that will make you think a little. Issues raised include the number of computers available on campus and a potential 24-hour study lab.

Your input is crucial in determining the future of our University. Plus, if you have a gripe, complaint or question that is not addressed in the survey, there is an area at the end where you can ask any other questions or make any other comments you so desire.

Student Congress members are counting on students to let them know how they feel. With a student population of 12,000 they need at least 3 to 4,000 to have a good feel as to what the students are thinking.

The findings are Student Congress' hard evidence when asking the administration for changes on campus.

All results will be tabulated this weekend and the results should be posted by Feb. 7.

So, for the sake of the future of the University, make a concerted effort to fill out a Student Life survey this week. Don't worry. They're not graded.

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