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Survey gives students input

Jan. 28, 1997

Kevin Johnson/The Baylor LariatChris Chamberlin, a Los Gatos, Calif., sophomore, and Nancy Clinton, a Belleville, Ill., sophomore, take the 1997 spring Student Life Survey on Monday in the Bill Daniel Student Center. The survey can also be taken from the Baylor web page.

By Jenni Luker

Lariat Reporter

The Student Life Survey, which began Monday and continues through the end of the week, will give students a chance to voice their opinions about everything from ideal library hours to computer dial-in services.

Students may fill out the survey on the Internet, in Chapel-Forum or in the Bill Daniel Student Center.

Surveys will be available in the student center from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday at a booth across from the Bear Dining Area.

The survey will also be conducted during Chapel-Forum.

This is the first semester that the survey will be available on-line.

The survey can be accessed off the University home page on any campus computer; the URL is ~Student_Government/Survey.html.

According to Student Congress members, the survey was added to the Internet in the hopes for a better response from the student body, as compared to the low participation rate of last semester. Surveys conducted on the Internet will also provide for more accurate results.

'If there is a small participation rate, then we don't know what the students want,' said Scott Schieffer, a Student Congress member and Carthage freshman. 'If a large group of students participate, we can truly represent them.'

The survey asks such questions as, 'Are the current library hours adequate?' and, 'On average, how long do you have to wait to use computer labs?'

'So far the turnout has been pretty good,' said Jennifer McClendon, a Student Congress member and Houston sophomore. '[It has been] much more than I expected.'

'The Internet has been great,' Chris Loeffler, senior class representative and student life chair, said Monday. 'We haven't checked the responses, but it's higher than we expected for today.'

'The SUB has been a little slow,' he said. 'We had 60 today in the SUB by 4 p.m.'

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