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Cross country squad set for meet

Sept. 27, 1996


By Darcy McMichael

Lariat Sports Reporter

The Baylor cross country team will compete against the University of Oklahoma this weekend in the Baylor Quadrangle held in Waco's Texas Farm Bureau.

The men's race starts at 9:40 a.m and the women's starts at 10:15 a.m.

'We just want this to be a good second meet for us,' Head Coach Steve Gulley said. 'We're looking at things down the road, so right now we are still playing around with the lineup.'

The team competed Sept. 14 against Northwood University, TCU and other universities in the Baylor Invitational. The women's team scored a perfect 15 by getting five of their runners across the line before any other school got one runner across.

'We train really hard,' Gulley said. 'These kids know what it takes to run and they know what we expect from them.'

On the average, the men run close to 90 miles a week and the women run close to 70 miles a week. The team also does a pool workout on Thursdays.

'We swim in the pool to save some mileage. It also keeps the kids fresher,' Gulley said. 'You gotta have your kids healthy at the line or they are not going to help you at all. There is no substitute for running but running.'

The women's team will run a 5,000 m race, which is about 3.1 miles, and the men will run a 5- mile race in the competition.

'Cross country is so much of a team sport,' said Robert Knight, a Baytown senior. 'Everything you are doing is for the team and you don't want to fall off of the pack.'

The cross country team has already won more conference titles than any other sport in Baylor's history. The women have won four SWC championships in the past six years, and last year they placed second. They have also advanced on to the NCAA championships five times out of the last seven years.

The men's team has also represented Baylor in the NCAA championships, and in 1993 they had a runner claim the SWC individual crown.

'This group really gets along. We have a meeting once a week and they all show,' Gulley said. 'It is really important to know that we are all in this together and that they don't have any other priorities above their team.'

The Bears will travel to Stillwater, Okla. on Oct. 5 to compete in the Oklahoma State Jamboree and then it is on to Fayetteville, Ark. on Oct. 19 where they will run in the Arkansas Invitational.

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