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Texas Baptist Student Ministries to host conference over weekend

Sept. 27, 1996

Texas Baptist Student Ministries to host conference over weekend

By Michelle Van Rysselberge

Lariat reporter

This weekend more than 2,000 student representatives from Baptist Student Ministries all over Texas will proclaim that with God, there are no limits.

The University BSM will host the 1996 Texas Baptist Student Ministries Fall Conference entitled 'Without Limits' today and Saturday. The conference celebrates the 75th anniversary of Baptist student ministry in Texas.

Tom Ruane, director of Texas BSM, said that the convention will be held in Waco due to its convenient location in the 'heart of Texas.'

'Baylor University has always provided a very gracious hospitality to Texas Baptists,' he said.

The title of the conference comes from John 3:34 when John the Baptist tells his followers that 'God gives the spirit without limit.'

'Man is limited, but God is not,' Ruane said. 'As we proclaim and represent him and serve him, our ministries are without limit in truth and power.'

Seminars will be given on such subjects as discipleship, outreach, leadership, worship, dating and student missions.

Special guests will speak and perform this weekend. Erwin McManus, a Los Angeles pastor; Renee Rochester, director of Kids Across America; and Sam Douglas, a Corpus Christi pastor will address students at the convention. Chris Tomlin, a worship leader from Shepherd Ministries in Irving, will lead praise and worship.

A concert by contemporary Christian music artists Sierra and Two or More will be held Friday night. Sierra, a female trio, will perform songs from their newest album, 'Devotion.' Two or More, a new band that recently crossed over from secular to Christian music, will perform songs from their debut album Life in the Diamond Lane.

In the last decade BSM has expanded its world-wide ministry opportunities. Ruane said he wants to encourage students to minister in their churches and campuses as well as taking the message out to the world.

Texas Baptist students have reached many goals and looks to meet higher goals in the future, said Cliff Mouser, University BSM director.

'God has honored the BSM in Texas,' Mouser said. 'The vision of the BSM is to impact the world and it has done that. Many students have been called into the ministry through BSM across the state.'

The Sierra and Two or More concert will be at 9 p.m. Friday at Waco Hall. Tickets for the concert can be purchased for $10, which includes pizza before the concert.

The conference will start at 7:30 p.m. Friday at Waco Hall and conclude at 10 p.m. Saturday. Students can come to Saturday sessions for a flat fee of $10. The price for both days is $20, including the concert.

Students can purchase tickets for the concert, Saturday session or both days at the Baptist Student Center until noon Friday or after 4 p.m. at the door of Waco Hall.

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