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Letters to the Editor

Sept. 27, 1996

Romance lives on despite column, student says

I have to disagree with the accusation Miss Liberty Lay gave on Sept. 25 concerning romance. The rumors of the demise and the subsequent death of romance are, in my opinion, greatly exaggerated. Let me give you an example that is unfolding even as I write this letter.

Last Saturday, I invited a beautiful and intelligent girl from one of my classes to dinner. However, this was not your ordinary dinner for a first date.

When I picked her up that evening, I had a single rose in hand to greet her. We then drove to Waco's Regional Airport where I then flew her to Dallas Love Field airport. After we parked the plane, I hailed a cab and we had dinner in the West End.

Before landing back in Waco later that night, I slowed the plane down so that she could get a good look at the beauty of the Baylor campus at night.

On Monday I had a dozen, long-stemmed red roses delivered to her apartment to thank her for going out with me on Saturday night. Later that evening we took a 'peppy' walk around the Bear Trail, at which time we were able to talk without the noise of the airplane or the invaluable words of the professor. During our walk we stopped at the Fountain and in the Burleson Quadrangle to talk some more and be a little closer.

This coming weekend I am planning to have her come over to my apartment for a romantic candlelit dinner that I will make.

Miss Lay, it is my opinion and the opinion of many of my friends that these examples clearly show romanticism. As a result, this would disprove your theory that romance is dead. If this is not romance, then please enlighten all guys that go to Baylor what is.

Christopher Jenkins

Information systems 1999

Stanton thanks fans

I just wanted to take a moment to express my sincerest appreciation to the student body regarding their outstanding support this past weekend at our Oregon State game.

The successful entry into the Big 12 can be enjoyed by all without question.

The student body certainly did its part along with an expanded Baylor Line Class of 2000 which exhibited great enthusiasm and spirit at our home opener.

We are thankful for student body participation and hope we can create many exciting memories moving forward.

Tom Stanton

Director of Athletics

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