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Editorial: Exercising right to choose

Sept. 27, 1996


Exercising right to choose

Students must learn about candidates, take time to vote in presidential election

The issue:

The upcoming presidential election is too important to ignore. The candidate we choose in November will can make changes affecting all of our lives.

Our view:

Students should prepare to exercise their right to vote in November ­ and to make informed


The presidential election is just a little more than a month away. We're all being bombarded by the media now, constantly being fed poll figures, commercials endorsing candidates and constant updates about Ross Perot and the presidential debates.

It happens every four years. We hear about candidates and campaigns and issues, we elect one of the candidates in November, and then we complain about the president we elected for the next four years.

But there's more to it than that. This election, like every election, could change the course of history. Whether voters elect Republican presidential nominee Bob Dole or re-elect President Bill Clinton will make a difference, because each candidate will lead the country in a different direction. The candidate elected Nov. 5 will be the president at the dawn of the 21st century.

A decision so important to the country's history should not be taken lightly, and the nation can't afford voter apathy.

Those who can vote should vote. And the decisions made on those ballots should be educated decisions.

College-age voters could be a vital group in determining the outcome of elections. But we're not even a significant force because so many of us simply don't bother to vote.

We have a chance to do our part this November. It requires only a small effort from every voter.

The process of registering to vote in McLennan County is simple, but the Oct. 6 deadline to register for the upcoming election is quickly approaching. Students may register to vote in McLennan County at one of several tables set up across campus by the Baylor Young Conservatives of Texas. Students who are registered to vote in their home counties will not be able to vote in McLennan County. Since a citizen cannot be registered to vote in more than one county, those who register to vote in Waco will be canceling their registration in their home counties. If they wish to vote in their home counties again in a later election, those voters will go through the same registration process once more in the other counties.

Election Day will also be convenient for Baylor students. Depending on their precinct, students will vote at either the Wiethorn Visitors Center on campus or at the No. 4 Fire Station at 1002 Speight.

Voting is not difficult, but it does require preparation. After registering to vote in Waco, students should stay informed about key election issues. Reading a newspaper or spending quality time with CNN's Headline News between now and the election could make the difference. Electing a president today is more than remaining loyal to a political party ­ becoming informed about each candidate makes voters more powerful.

This will be the first time many Baylor students are eligible to vote in a presidential election. America needs to hear the voice of young voters now.

This is more than just an annoying political competition we watch every four years. This is history.

Students, register to vote in your home county or in McLennan County. Stay informed about the issues and important events over the next few weeks. And on election day ­ vote.

It's simple. And it does matter.

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