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Follapalooza helps freshmen blow off steam, make friends

Sept. 26, 1996

By Claire Hansen

Lariat Reporter

Greased watermelons, shaving cream, mud and water will co-star opposite the class of 2000 at this year's Freshman Follapalooza.

Freshman Follies, this year named 'Freshman Follapalooza,' is a Student Foundation tradition where freshmen get acquainted, play games and get messy together. The event is planned for 8 to 10 p.m. at Minglewood Bowl.

David Vorlage, a Boulder, Colo., senior and co-chair of campus promotions, said the purpose of the event is to allow freshmen to 'blow off steam' after their first round of tests and to get to know each other better.

Jacquelyn Dubose, student recruitment chairwoman and Houston senior, said it is a fun bonding time.

'Follapalooza is a great time for freshmen to come out, have a good time, bond with classmates and promote class spirit,' Dubose said.

Freshman Follapalooza is a spoof of the Lollapalooza summer concert tour. Games are related to bands in the tour.

The event will consist of five play stations with different themes. Groups of one male residence hall floor paired with one female floor will rotate play stations and compete against each other throughout the evening.

Two slip 'n' slide stations will be available. 'Green Night' is a 'human bowling' event complete with jugs of green water as bowling pins. The goal of 'Crushing Pumpkins' is to knock over plastic Halloween pumpkins full of shaving cream.

A relay race entitled 'Greased Melon' pits students carrying greased watermelons against each other. Shaving cream pie fights and tug-of-war offer students other opportunities for messy fun.

Lori Thompson, Follapalooza public relations chairwoman and a Monett, Mo., senior, said the event will include a mix of music. A Foundation member will judge an on-stage lip-sync contest and a shaving cream big hair contest.

Thompson said she encourages students to wear clothes they intend to get muddy. A waterhose will be available for students to wash off with after the event.

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