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Men+s soccer divides up into separate Division I, II teamss

Sept. 25, 1996

Men's soccer divides up into separate Division I, II teams

Members of the Baylor's club soccer team are hard at work during an afternoon practice. The Division I team can be seen in action Saturday on the Baylor soccer field, while the Division II team does not resume play until Oct. 8.

Darcy McMichael

Lariat Sports Reporter

After years of offering only one team to soccer players, the Baylor men's club soccer program has added an additional team to their program.

'In the past, between 50 and 60 guys have shown up for try-outs, so it was time to add another team,' said president Jeff Van Houten, a Richardson junior.

The teams are divided up into Division I and Division II standings in the Texas Collegiate Soccer League.

Even though the teams fall under the same general headline, they both have their own coaches and schedule of games.

The Division I team is coached by Martin Varley from England and the Division II team is coached by Floy Rodriguez, a Sugarland junior.

The Division I team, which had been under the shadow of last year's 6-5-3 season record, emerged in the spring with a 3-1 record and has already opened up the season by defeating the North Texas Eagles 3-1 on Sept. 7.

'It's pretty much a whole new team, a really young team, so it has taken us some time to get into a rhythm,' Van Houten said.

After the victory over the Eagles, the Bears tied UT Arlington 3-3 in a controversial game on Sept. 14.

'We struggled a little defensively and we couldn't put a goal in offensively,' Van Houten said.

Due to the lack of officials at the game and the referee cutting time off the clock, the team has filed an appeal of the game with the Texas Collegiate Soccer League. If the appeal is approved, then the Bears will replay UT Arlington, but if it is denied the score could stand.

The team is already looking into the future toward the regional tournament in Waco in early November. The top two teams will advance to the national tournament held in Phoenix later that month.

'Our goals are to definitely win Regionals and make it to Nationals,' said Stephen Monroe, an Arlington senior. 'Our main goal right now, though, is to play one game at a time.'

The Division II team has also emerged early in the season with a 3-1 victory over Howard Payne on Sept. 7.

'It was really interesting because it was the first time that we played together,' Rodriguez said. 'We had a lot of great opportunities and we capitalized.'

The Bears then proceeded to crush the University of Houston 7-2 on Sept. 15.

'We just pretty much dominated the whole game,' Rodriguez said.

Even though they were successful in their first two games the Division II team was finally beaten by Lamar University 2-1, on Sept. 23 in Beaumont.

'Our team has a lot of potential and we are going to win some more games in the future,' Rodriguez said. 'We just came off of an unfortunate loss.'

The Division I team will play again at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday in Waco.

The Division II team will not resume playing until Oct. 8 when they take on Howard Payne in Brownwood.

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