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Amtrak plans stop in Wacoa

Sept. 25, 1996

Amtrak plans stop in Waco

By Russell Reneau

Lariat Reporter

For those students who travel, more transportation could be available if Amtrak decides to stop in Waco.

According to an article in the June 1 edition of the Waco Tribune-Herald, city officials met in May with Amtrak representatives to discuss a possible train terminal at a proposed downtown bus terminal.

'The construction will begin soon and should be complete by fall of 1997,' said Kirk Scott, Waco Transit System manager.

The old Katy railway line runs beside where the terminal will be located on South Eighth Street and Mary Avenue.

'Use of the terminal would reduce many of Amtrak's expenditures,' Scott said. 'They would not have to use their own employees or their own rails.'

Currently, Amtrak's nearest stop is in McGregor, and there is not a bus line that runs to that depot.

'The biggest question is whether or not the train will continue to run in this area,' Scott said. 'It makes sense, but there is nothing definite right now.'

According to the article, the city's plan to revitalize the downtown area appealed to Amtrak officials.

'The city met with our representatives and the offer sounds attractive,' an Amtrak official in Chicago said. 'Nothing has been decided and there are no commitments.'

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