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The pastor is ins

Sept. 25, 1996

The pastor is in

By Michelle Van Rysselberge

Lariat Reporter

The fall semester pastor-in-residence intends to counsel and encourage students at George W. Truett Theological Seminary.

Dr. Jack Ridlehoover is the fourth pastor in Truett's pastor-in-residence program.

The pastor-in-residence program invites one pastor to come to Truett each semester to spend time with the students, play a counselor/mentor role, attend classes in the area of pastoral leadership and substitute for professors.

One main objective is to take the academic and make it practical by relating it to the pastor's experiences, said Stacy Houser, director of student life and church relations.

Houser said the pastor-in-residence serves as a counselor to 'boost students.'

'Sometimes students lose vision or get discouraged between handling school [work], church [internships], family and their personal lives,' Houser said.

Ridlehoover's encouragement to students aspiring to become ministers will be two-fold.

'In addition to devotion and dedication to God and cultivation of Christian character, which are basic, I would wish every young minister would have creative ambition and dedicated hard work to being the best servant leader to God's people and in helping people to know Jesus Christ as savior.'

Ridlehoover was pastor of Pioneer Baptist Church in Abilene for 29 of his 49 years of pastoral experience. Ridlehoover's career as a pastor began at age 19 during his sophomore year at Baylor University.

After graduating from the University in 1952, he attended Southwestern Seminary. Although he retired four years ago, Ridlehoover has not ceased to serve others in ministry. He has served as interim pastor of five churches and began Minister's Mentoring and Consulting Service for young ministers and churches with problems.

The Minister's Mentoring and Consulting Service is developing a network of retired ministers who donate their time to younger ministers, Ridlehoover said.

Ridlehoover and his wife, Betty, Abilene residents, will live in Waco this semester while he serves.

Truett administrators choose who they will ask to be the pastor-in-residence based on personal contacts, Houser said.

'They choose top-quality individuals that the students will benefit from,' Houser said.

The three previous pastors-in-residence at Truett were the Rev. Stan Allcorn, Dr. W.E. Thorn and Dr. David George, respectively.

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