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Sept. 25, 1996

Dance rules surprising

After reading the Tuesday article about on-campus dancing, I was surprised at the rules mentioned for dances.

First of all, why is the Homecoming dance being scheduled on-campus? I enjoyed the dance at the Suspension Bridge for the last three years, and I expected it to be there my last year at Baylor also. I feel that the dance will lose some of its appeal because it has been moved from the bridge.

Secondly, I hope that I have misunderstood the rule about the people allowed into the dances. According to the article, only currently enrolled students and one guest may attend. Is this being implemented because the admission will be free? How does this rule affect parents or alumni and their families? Certainly it does not mean that they are not allowed to attend.

Finally, regulating attendance by not allowing latecomers in until enough people have departed seems like it will present a problem. Is the campus not large enough to accommodate the expected crowd? If the students do pay, it is only fair to allow them admittance at any time.

I believe on-campus dances are a good idea, but I had looked forward to the traditional Homecoming dance at the Suspension Bridge.

Kim Hatfield

Secondary education - math 1997

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