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Library turns up the volume Moody music collection offers tracks from classical to alternatives

Sept. 24, 1996

Library turns up the volume

Moody music collection offers tracks from classical to alternative


Students take advantage of the resources available in the Music Library in Moody Memorial Library. The music library contains more than 6,000 compact discs for students to listen to, whether they're music majors or just looking for music to study by.

By Blake Riordan

Lariat Reporter

The Moody Music Library compact disc collection gives not just music majors, but all students the opportunity to listen to musical scores and albums in the quiet confines of the library.

Located on the third floor of Moody Memorial Library, the disc collection gives students easy access to famous classical music, operas, and Broadway musical scores as well as many recent popular, jazz, and alternative music hits.

'We have all of the music necessary to help out Baylor's music majors in their studies,' said Mary Goolsby, technical services assistant for Moody Library.

'We have popular music ranging from Alanis Morissette to Pearl Jam for students who are interested in that music or who simply want music to listen to while they study,' she said.

The compact disc collection is constantly growing to keep up with students' changing interests in the latest music.

'We're bringing in new stuff all the time,' Goolsby said. 'We're ordering and receiving new CD's as fast as we can to stay current with our collection. We try to do our best to have the best music for studying purposes and the most recent music for listening pleasure.'

Goolsby said that the procedure for checking out a compact disc is simple, quick, and convenient.

All students have to do is find the large catalog book for the compact discs, choose from the more than 6,000 discs available, and write down the call number for the selection.

The librarian can then find the disc and make one of the 40 compact disc players available to the student.

Students also have access to the complete disc package, including the inside cover.

Tables and cubicles are available to students using the compact disc players, and students are encouraged to remain in the listening area to avoid theft.

'Students can use the library CD players or bring their own,' Goolsby said. 'However, the CD's themselves can't leave the library. We don't allow any checkouts.'

Since many students do not even know that the music library exists, Goolsby said she feels it is necessary for students to understand that the compact disc collection is open to everyone.

'We want to encourage students to use this collection,' she said. 'We have a lot of resources here, so every student should take advantage of them.'

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